Almost every enterprise SOC has deployed a SIEM platform as a key component of its security architecture. But despite the value they deliver, SOCs continue to face major operating challenges. Even a well tuned SIEM can end up generating hundreds, or even thousands of alerts in a given day, adding to alert fatigue, staff burnout and missed threats.

  • 25% of a SOC’s time is wasted chasing false positives according to Ponemon
  • 42% of SOCs ignore a significant percentage of alerts include a phishing attack

But despite the operational challenges tied to SIEM- generated alerts, they are not only critical for compliance related activities like log management and reporting, they also act as the primary platform for analyzing security events and alerting on potential threats.

LogicHub SOAR+helps organizations overcome operational challenges by integrating with any SIEM to automatically analyze and triage alerts in seconds or minutes at scale.

Automated SIEM Triage

The LogicHub Solution

LogicHub’s SOAR+ platform delivers automated detection and response at scale, automatically analyzing and triaging SIEM alerts and events, reducing false positives by 95% or more, reducing alarm fatigue and analyst burnout. And all SIEM alerts can be automatically mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework to ensure a best practices approach. And unlike traditional SOAR platforms, which are typically limited to executing a few thousand daily tasks, LogicHub can analyze, triage and respond to millions of events and alerts per day, lowering MTTD and MTTR while ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks.

LogicHub SIEM alert triage playbooks automatically analyze alerts and raw event data to detect real threats and triage alerts to allow analysts to focus on true positives. It automatically executes actions that would otherwise be manual and slow, like extracting and submitting URLs and message headers to threat intelligence platforms, and sending attachments to sandbox technologies for inspection. Each alert is then automatically assigned an accurate risk score, and when appropriate, open a confirmed threat case so that analysts can stay focused on responding to and remediating true positives.

Automated SIEM Alert Triage

Challenge: A SIEM platform is the primary threat management platform of most enterprise SOCs. However, even a well-tuned SIEM with advanced behavioral analytics capabilities is still required to cast a wide net to meet compliance requirements and to avoid missing critical threats. In many organizations this can lead to tens of thousands of alert being generated every day, overwhelming the SOC with false positives and making it impossible to keep up.

Solution: LogicHub has out-of-the-box templates and an intuitive builder that lets you quickly and easily create playbooks that automatically analyze, validate and triage every SIEM alert. Integration with hundreds of other security platforms means any alert can be verified and additional relevant event detail can be automatically retrieved and analyzed. Alerts and even raw events can be rapidly and accurately triaged at scale, with any real threat being detected and responded to at machine speeds.

LogicHub SOAR+ Benefits

With the LogicHub SOAR+platform, you can automatically triage >95% of SIEM alerts within seconds or minutes. Benefits include:

  • Integration with any SIEM (Splunk, QRadar, ELK, SumoLogic, Exaprotect, Securonix, LogRhythm, etc.)
  • Easy-to-use builder to create comprehensive phishing playbooks specific to any organization in minutes
  • Extensive one-click and fully automated incident response actions for rapid mitigation
  • SIEM alerts are automatically correlated against associated tactics and techniques from MITRE ATT&CK

How it works

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